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Website linkinq structure analyzer

Freeware program for analyzing and optimizing web sites internal link structure

The source code for the analyzer are writen on VBA in the excel workbook. Program scans website or group of linked websites and determines pagerank of their pages. The analyzer allows to input the URL of backlinks for these sites and the PageRank of the backlinks. These backlinks data also can be used in the pagerank calculation. The data achieved from the web can be edited by the user of the program, so the user can observe how websites pages PageRank are changed depending of the websites link structure.

The term of the using

Resent analyzer version is a freeware, but author has the exclusive right of its distribution.


To start the program user must have excel version 2003 or later.

Vesions history

  • Version 0.61 (October 2010) - the base one
  • Version 0.7 (November 2010) - internal links redirect checking added
  • Version 0.74 (December 2010) - corrected bugs in internal links redirecting, diagnostic messages implemented, english language added
  • Version 0.92 (29 November 2011)
    Supporting excel 2007 format - the limit of the scaned URL has been eliminated
    Exclusion lists support (Disallow strings from robots.txt)
    Allowing the list of ingnored parameters in the URLs
    The treatment of the mirrors (with www and without www) can be set
    Setting for canonical URLs included
    Extracting all the backlinks to our sites from URL list (sheet extpages)
    The bag of the file extention checking corrected
    The bag of the clearing old data corrected
  • Version 0.93 (25 July 2012)
    Speed up the program - the fuctionality of the analyzer has been checked on the site with 3000 pages
    The problem of the hanging on the excel window during the calculation has been eliminated
    The quick setting butttons has been added
  • Version 0.95 (18 February 2014)
    The algorithm of treating canonical URLs has been changed. Now, the pages with the same canonical URL are considered as one page. The option will work if both the "Check redirect in internal link" and "Use rel=canonical" are checked.

Download Website linking analyzer (version 0.95). Package include two files: file of excel 2007 (xlsm) and file of excel 2003 (xls) format.

Download old version Website linking analyzer (vesion 0.93).